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AI for Elementary Students

Step into an 8-week explorative adventure in 'AI for Elementary Students.' Limited to just 5 students per class, this course offers a personalized and engaging introduction to the transformative world of AI, tailored for young, inquisitive minds.

Week 1: Discovering AI Theme:
What is Artificial Intelligence? Activities: Interactive discussions on AI in everyday life. Simple AI-assisted drawing activity to spark creativity.

Week 2: AI Tools and Toys Theme:

Exploring AI Applications Activities: Introduction to child-friendly AI tools and educational games. Experiment with an AI storytelling app.

Week 3: How AI Learns Theme:

Basics of Machine Learning Activities: Simple, fun activities demonstrating how machines learn from data. AI-powered game to classify objects or animals.


Week 4: Creative AI Theme:

AI and Art Activities: Use generative AI to create music and artwork. Discussion on how AI contributes to creating cartoons and animations.


Week 5: AI Around Us Theme:

AI in Everyday Life Activities: Explore how AI helps in smartphones, home assistants, and video games. Create a simple voice command for an AI assistant.


Week 6: Building with AI Theme:

Introduction to Neural Networks Activities: Simplified explanation of neural networks using visual aids. Interactive web tool to play with neural network concepts.


Week 7: Designing the Future Theme:

Innovations with AI Activities: Brainstorm session on inventing new gadgets or tools with AI. Sketch and describe a future invention powered by AI.


Week 8: Show and Tell Theme:

Presenting AI Projects Activities: Students prepare and present a small project or idea involving AI. Review and celebrate all the learning milestones achieved.

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